5 Caravan Camping Hacks

While we’re sure your Royal Flair Caravan comes with almost everything (including the kitchen sink), we’ve got some great caravan camping hacks for you for your next trip. We just want you to keep safe, secure and extremely well-fed so you can have an amazing time living in the beautiful Australian outdoors.

Headlight Lamp

While head lamps are great for walking to the shower stalls, they aren’t too great when you’re at the campsite. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to shine a light straight into your fellow camper’s eyes. We know, we wouldn’t appreciate it too much. For soft, even lighting, place your torch or LED light under or behind white plastic bottle (an empty milk container is perfect). Soon, you’ll be sitting comfortably outside your Royal Flair Caravan with perfect, glowing light. It’s a great hack that promotes reusing something you normally would throw away. Plus it’s a caravan camping hack that doubles as a reminder to reuse and recycle – a message that we strongly endorse.

Protective Pool Noodle

You’ve probably got one of these already packed away in your caravan, ready for the beach or pool. But there is a great use for it that is more than just fun. We know, there’s always that one family member that is a little clumsy. They’ve probably banged their head on caravan or awning rails. We know, it hurts. To protect them from these injuries, cut lengthwise down your old pool noodle and pop it over these rails. They will be so much more visible that nobody could accidentally bump into it. And even on the small chance that someone might, it would be much less painful with the added padding. These simple and silly injuries will be a distant memory in no time.

Super  Spice Storage

We know that you probably love cooking and probably don’t want do without wonderfully, flavourful food while you’re away on your next camping trip. Instead of packing up your entire spice rack, bring a mini version by packing what you’ll need old tic-tac containers. Alternatives for this hack include 7-day pill boxes or even film canisters. Before you know it, you’ll soon be cooking up a storm in the wonderful state-of-the-art kitchen in your Royal Flair caravan, thanks to this little caravan camping hack.

Travelling Herb Garden

Here’s another cooking hack for you because we know, mum’s cooking is even better with some fresh herbs. Take your herb garden with you, by planting them in a single planter box or have them little separate pots into a caddy. That way, your little garden will be super easy to move around. All you need to do while you’re away is pop them into a sunny spot either in your caravan or outside at one of your amazing campsites. Just don’t forget to water them regularly. We’re sure you will love having some fresh basil with your pasta or rosemary at your next barbecue.

Mini First Aid Kits

While you definitely should have a full-sized first aid kit packed in one of the many storage spaces of your Royal Flair Caravan, having a mini one doesn’t hurt either. Make a pocket sized first aid kit with an old mint container. It is perfect for hikes or day trips away from your portable home. You could fill it with Band-Aids, a small bottle of antiseptic, a pair of tweezers, antiseptic swabs, pain killers, and compressed cloth wipes (these expand to their full size after adding a few drops of water). It’s our motto to always be prepared and when in need of medical supplies you’ll be ready to go with a pocket size first aid kit. Just make sure you label it before someone gets too excited to have a mint.

If you ever make these hacks happen, tell us about it! We want to know your favourite caravan camping hacks too – so post about it on Facebook and Instagram and tag us!

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