5 Tips You Need To Know Before You Go On Your First Caravanning Trip!

5 Tips You Need To Know Before You Go On Your First Caravanning Trip!

You’ve purchased your first Royal Flair Caravan, congratulations!

It really is a special moment to hook up your new luxury caravan, adventure caravan, family caravan or off-road caravan for the first time and embark on an adventure. It’s probably something you’ve dreamed of for a while and, to help make it the best it can be, we have prepared the following five handy tips:

Go at your own pace.

Why rush things? Putting aside the fact that safety is key—especially if it’s your first time towing a caravan—there are plenty of other reasons to take it easy. There’s the new and ever-changing scenery that awaits you around every corner and the countless lookouts you’ll come across where you can just take it all in. There’s the sheer enjoyment of the journey, the chat, the smiles, the jokes. There’s also a practical reason: by going slowly, you’ll consume less fuel. So save your money—there will be plenty of far more exciting things to spend it on than petrol.

Set out early.

If it’s your first time caravanning, there are all sorts of practical things you’ll have to master, like reversing into a site, or setting up for the first time. It’s natural to feel a little anxious, especially when you’re desperate for your first trip to be perfect. Our tip? Just relax and enjoy it. Setting out early means you’ve given yourself the best chance of arriving at your destination with plenty of time to get it right.

Give each other space.

These days, we’ve become used to our own space and it can be difficult when that’s taken away. No matter how stunning your new caravan is, it’ll never have the same space as your home. So be mindful that everyone needs a little bit of ‘me’ time sometimes.

Have some handy emergency numbers with you.

A great tip is to have the number of a towing service to hand. A new caravan makes the freeways and the dirt roads of this great country more accessible than they ever were before. But it’s always worth being prepared, just in case…

Enjoy it.

Even the most seasoned campers make mistakes. They forget things. They get lost. If that happens, cut yourself some slack. Part of the joy of camping is being free and leaving your stress behind. It’s about togetherness. So learn to laugh at the mistakes and trivialise the forgotten. It’s a shared experience.

Above all, we hope your new caravan becomes your passport to a lifetime of adventure. And if you need any tips along the way, feel free to give us a call on 03 9357 8118.

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