Advantages of off road caravans

advantages of off road caravans

Purchasing a caravan is an exciting investment, however, it can also be a difficult choice due to the countless options available. Each caravan is equipped with its own features, and it is important that you enquire about each of them before you get on the road. A vital feature to consider on your journey to owning a caravan is whether you will need an off-road caravan. The advantages of having a caravan with off-road capabilities include:

  1. Suspension

High quality, off-road suspension is important for the tough terrain you may encounter across Australia. Having suspension that is equipped to handle this terrain ensures a smoother journey that does not place as much stress on the rest of the caravan’s components.

  1. Frame

The frame of your caravan will may wear differently when being used in off-road settings. Off-road caravans may differ in structure, being able to withstand greater stress.

  1. The Chassis

It is important that the chassis of your caravan is designed to suit where you will travel. This is an important consideration if you intend to use your caravan in harsh locations.

Royal Flair’s Off-Road Caravans – The Ground Breakers

Royal Flair has designed a fleet of caravans especially for travellers who want to explore off road adventures across Australia. The range includes:

The Raptor

The Raptor is a caravan designed for the tough outdoors while not compromising on quality and luxury. With ample storage spaces, larger sleeping quarters The Raptor is ideal for those wanting to enjoy the outdoors, while taking all their toys with them. With the area above the draw bar providing options for a front-loading tray – perfect for a quad-bike or dirt bike.

The Razor XT

With Al-Ko Enduro Outback suspension, a slightly smaller build, and ample storage, the Razor XT is designed to travel rough terrain in style. Being smaller in size makes it perfect for couples or families who want to travel the country together – with an ensuite bathroom with toilet and shower.

The Aussie Mate

Tested in harsh Australian environments, and including features such as the patented, state of the art G&S Control ride TS tandem off-road chassis and a luxury interior, the Aussie Mate is designed to go anywhere, anytime.

The Ecomate

Completely off grid, totally self sufficient and packed with enough state of the art features to satisfy even the most tech savvy family, say hello to the van of tomorrow – our new Eco Mate! A re-imagining of our rugged Aussie Mate, this off grid luxury caravan is a top-of-the-line option for those looking for a comfortable and sustainable way to explore the great outdoors.


For all your caravan needs visit a Royal Flair dealer near you or contact us on (03) 9357 8118.

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