Best Waterfalls to visit during Autumn in Victoria

With winter around the corner, make the most of Autumn and go chase some waterfalls! Here is a run-down of our top 5 Victorian waterfalls near Melbourne and beyond.

1. Wombelano Falls

Just a stone’s throw away from Melbourne, Wombelano falls is located in Kinglake National Park. The 30m waterfall is surrounded by old growth tress and it’s pretty slippery. If you’re up for a challenge, make your way down to the base of the falls to release your inner waterfall wanderer.

Park your home nearby at the Gums Camping Area. Situated nearby is a meandering mountain stream and is nestled amongst tall eucalypts and ferns for you to enjoy from the warmth of your Royal Flair caravan. 

2. Rollason Falls

Rollason Falls are half way up Mount Buffalo, and a great spot to relax and cool down after checking out the walking trails the area has to offer. There is a small creek to bring out the explorer in you, some cliffs you can jump off and even rocks to lie down and bask the sun – sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

Head over to Mt Buffalo Caravan Park to spend the night. With facilities like camp kitchens, fire drums and wood, a games room and playground, you are bound to be kept comfy and entertained. 

3. MacKenzie Falls

The Grampians may be known for having some picturesque mountains and trails, but it isn’t complete without a waterfall. The MacKenzie Falls flows all year round and has a path that can take you directly to the bottom of the falls where you can dangle your legs into the freezing water. You’ll hear the thunderous sounds of the fall before seeing it so keep those ears open! 

Head down to Galls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park for breathtaking views, spacious campsites and quality facilities. They even have a wood fire heated outdoor pool for you to enjoy after your cool waterfall dip.

4. Erskine Falls

Great Ocean Road is filled with hidden waterfalls and Erskine Falls is definitely one of the best (and most popular!). Located near Lorne, this waterfall plunges 30 metres down into the gully of the Erskine River. You can climb all the way down to the falls, and have a little dip if you’re feeling really adventurous. Fret not if you’re not the climbing type though – you can also enjoy the view from the two viewpoints at the top.

Drive to Erskine River Park to park your caravan. It is perfect if you’re also looking for some quality fishing, as it features three new fishing platforms. Of course, it comes fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities for your convenience.

5. Fish Falls

Another Grampians favourite, the Fish falls! Despite being not too popular, the falls themselves cascade 60 metres over several rocks and collect in a beautiful black pool down below. The walk is just challenging enough, so get those hiking boots on!

We also recommend Halls Gap Gardens Caravan Park. You’ll soon be immersing yourself in the peacefulness of a national park and wonderful wildlife. But you won’t be far too far from the town centre if you have forgotten to pack away something in your Royal Flair Caravan.



What are you waiting for? Get out there, chase some Victorian waterfalls, climb some trees and fill yourself up with a healthy dose of nature!


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