Camping with Pets

Instead of leaving your four-legged friend at home, how about bringing them along on your next camping trip? The Piazza Series in particular would be perfect for this. We’re sure your pups would enjoy a few days spent outdoors, wandering the bushlands and beaches. And we think you would too. So, here’s what you need to know before you head out in your Royal Flair Caravan.

Find Pet-Friendly Caravan Spots

Fortunately for us here in Australia, there are some amazing options for dog-friendly camping. Check out some of our suggestions below. We recommend getting in touch with these parks beforehand to not only book a pet-friendly spot but also to find out about what they expect from dog owners like yourself.

Sapphire Beach Holiday Park, NSW


Located just on the waterfront, the Sapphire Beach Holiday Park is a spot with stunning clear waters and soft white sand. This site comes well equipped a range of facilities – barbecue and kitchen area, children’s playground, games and recreation room, an outdoor swimming pool and even a mini golf course. Just north of Coffs Harbour, there is plenty to do in the area that both you and your doggo will enjoy. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, or hop on a fishing boat before ending your day having a meal with your family and your furry friend.

Yarraman Caravan Park, QLD

This campsite is fantastic if you’re keen to explore the Bunya Mountains and Palms National Park within the South Burnett and Northern Downs regions. Plenty of forest walks and off-road experiences are waiting to be enjoyed by you and your doggo. The region also has plenty of wonderful wineries and historic sites if you’re in the mood for a little culture. The campsite itself comes fully equipped with a swimming pool, kitchen, camp fire areas, laundry, playground and even a function room, making your trip a little easier.

Pinepoint Caravan Park, SA

If you’re the type of person that loves to fish, this campsite is for you. Blue Swimmer Crab season is something you do not want to miss out on, especially with the readily available fish and crab cooking amenities at this spot. Other amenities include a general store, boat ramp and pier to give you the best fishing experience. When you’re not busy catching crabs, Pine Point also features beautiful walking trails that you and your dog could enjoy together.

Australind Tourist Park, WA

Located just 10 minutes from Bunbury City, this campsite is perfect for you to enjoy the stunning Australind Heritage Trail or explore the wonderful vineyards and breweries of the Ferguson Valley. You may even want to get fishing in the Collie River or head straight towards the Indian Ocean. The Australind Tourist Park features large powered sites that give you a choice of either a relaxing bush setting or beautiful views of the water. This campsite also comes with all the amenities and features you would need for a comfortable camping experience.

Vet, Vaccinations and Ticks

Before you head off on your adventure, we recommend for you to find a nearby vet. In case of emergencies, you’ll be prepared for all worst case scenarios. Make sure that your vaccinations are up-to-date and if you are travelling to a tick zone, administer the right preventative treatment at least 24 hours before you leave. This is because your dog will likely be exposed to more ticks in bushland and long grassy areas and a tick bite may make your pup sick. 

Keeping Your Dog Safe and Secure

Your furry friend won’t have the security of fences to keep them from wandering away from you, consider how you will keep them restrained. Have your leashed packed and ready to go. We know however, that this may not always be possible in the bush. A playpen for small dogs or a tethering cable may be suitable for you in these situations. You should also ensure that your dog has a current ID tag and is microchipped if they ever do wander off and get lost. Have your phone number registered correctly to make things easier if this difficult situation were to happen.

Other Things to Pack

You may want to pack your doggo’s bed with you – especially if the ground may be cold or damp. We know you’ll be sleeping comfortably in your Royal Flair caravan, so we just want the same for your pup. Chuck in a couple extra blankets and towels in one of the many storage spaces too. You never know when you might need them. Pack their water and food bowls, as well as plenty of their favourite food. On the off chance your trip gets extended, you don’t want to be caught without extra treats for your pup. Take plenty of poop bogs and make sure you always pick up after your pooch. And last but certainly not least, pack some of their favourite toys to avoid any bad behavior that may be brought on by boredom when you’re not busy exploring the surroundings.

Be Aware of Other Campers

Your campsite is not just for you and your dog – it’s for other campers too. Try to keep your dog well behaved and under control as much as possible. We know, all dogs bark, but barking late at night or in the early morning could annoy those around you and we want to give all campers the rest and relaxation they deserve. It is important to be aware that not everyone is a dog lover or appreciate having one around campgrounds, so be respectful of others to ensure that these amazing pet friendly spots continue to exist.

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