Caravanning with a Pet

caravanning with pets

One of the many benefits of choosing to travel in a caravan is that you can take your beloved pets with you. Before travelling with your pet, however, keep in mind that there are particular restrictions that may apply. Below, we have compiled a list of things to consider when caravanning with a pet.

Pet friendly caravan parks:

Most caravan parks are very accommodating to their guests and pets, however it is extremely important that you check with caravan parks that they are pet friendly and ask them to outline their policy.

When you arrive at the caravan or holiday park, be considerate of the park’s specific policies as these may differ at various locations. When pets become disruptive or are not supervised properly, this could have an impact on your fellow travellers.

Preparing your pet for the caravan trip:

Before leaving home, ensure that your pet is healthy and ready to travel. A vet check to ensure they are up to date with vaccinations is a must. Also, it is important to ensure your pet is registered. Bring your vaccination papers with you. If you are planning on placing them in a boarding kennel along the way, their vaccination papers are necessary.

On your trip, it is recommended to display your pet’s name and your phone number on an identification tag attached to their collar. Ensure these details are clear, particularly if your pet has a tendency to explore.

It is recommended that you pack everything you need for your pet during your travels. You may not be able to purchase additional supplies along the way.

Items you may need during the caravan trip:

  • Grooming supplies
  • Can openers for their food
  • Collar and lead (a spare may be helpful too)
  • Medication your pet is on or may need
  • Toys
  • Blankets, beds or coats
  • Bags to pick up droppings

While travelling, it is also important that you make regular stops, allow your pet access to plenty of food and water and make sure they do not get too hot or cold.

Australian caravans perfect for travelling with pets:

The Piazza Series is truly a revolution to the caravanning industry. Boasting its very own deck that is absolutely perfect for family, infants and your four legged friends! Taking only minutes to set up, the Deck gives the Piazza an additional 4.5sqm of undercover living space and is especially useful if you’re considering travelling with pets. The undercover deck has a balustrade edging so your pets will be fully contained at all time!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your furry friends and hit the road!

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