Caravanning with Kids

Caravanning with Kids

Exploring Australia’s beautiful landscapes is an excellent adventure for families to make new memories and experience new places. Regardless of the age of your children, caravanning is a great option for long trips or weekend getaways. Below, we share some tips for caravanning with your kids!

Travelling with Babies and Toddlers

When you are holidaying with very young children, living out of a suitcase can be challenging. Having a caravan with plenty of room to store nappies, bottles, blankets, and toys means you can still enjoy your getaway and not have the stress of being selective when packing.

Off-peak is the best time to travel with very young children as campgrounds are typically quieter, and families of a similar age travel at the same time. Avoiding the school holidays period can be helpful, as there is greater availability, and it is usually cheaper.

Travelling with Primary School-Aged Children

When travelling with primary school aged children, everything is an adventure. Your children have the opportunity to meet kids their age at caravan parks, especially during the school holidays when families of a similar age will be travelling.

You are unlikely to run out of activities with your primary school aged children on your next caravanning adventure. When your children explore the park’s facilities and meet new friends, these hours of entertainment will create excellent memories for them and allow you to relax and enjoy time with other friends and parents.

Travelling with Teenagers

Caravanning with teenagers is exciting as they can be more actively involved from the planning stage of your trip. Including your teen’s ideas about destinations, and which caravan parks to stay in ensures they are engaged from the beginning.

While every family is different, it is suggested that you still allow your teenager some time to go online during your trip. Completely banning your teenager from accessing their phone or talking to their friends while away may make them feel isolated. Speak with your teen about what they believe is a reasonable amount of time to spend on their phone while away and stick to this.

Finally, if you have enough room in your caravan, consider the possibility of allowing your teen to invite one of their friends on the trip.

Keeping them entertained

When travelling between destinations, ensure your children are equipped with plenty of self-entertainment activities. If you are providing them with a device to watch movies or play games, ensure the games and movies are downloaded before leaving home. It may also be helpful to bring headphones for every member of the family. Headphones for children can allow them to focus on their tasks, while giving you some quiet time to listen to music, podcasts or simply enjoy the scenery.

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