Family Caravan Holidays

Family Caravan Holidays

Life happens so fast. The clock ticks relentlessly and can never be rewound. Before you know it, months—years, even—have passed, sped up by the routines that we create for ourselves just so we can stay on top of everything we’re supposed to do.

In the twilight of your life, as you savour your memories, it won’t be the routines you recall, it’ll be the quality time you spent with your partner or your family. You’ll want to look back on time spent just—well, living. The times you hit the open road, caravan in tow, focused on nothing but the moment. A time when you were together. A time you shared. A time when you could be wherever you wanted, whenever you wanted.

So take time out to enjoy the moment. And when you look back—in the rear view mirror—look for the reassuring comfort of the Royal Flair crest on the caravan behind you. It’s a symbol of your family’s freedom and togetherness, and a reminder of the quality and luxury you’ve invested in.

Royal Flair’s latest range of family-friendly and safety tested caravans are designed to create memories for many years with your family. Don’t settle for average – whether you’re heading deep into the Australian bush or down the beach, Royal Flair have the perfect caravan to suit your family.

Browse our latest range of designer family caravans:


piazza family caravan
Whether you’re looking to spend some quality time with loved ones or simply get away for the weekend, the Piazza Series redefines the concept of outdoor living.


aussiemate family caravan
Part of our off-roader series of caravans, field-tested in some of the most hostile environments Australia has to offer.


Raptor family caravan
The Raptor is our newest caravan specifically designed and engineered for an adventure holiday in the tough outdoors.


razor XT family caravan
The Razor XT is ideal for those looking to travel in though terrain in style, which makes it great for couples or families who want to travel the country together.


PD series - family caravan
The PD Series is a caravan built for sophistication and style, yet packed with enough versatility to take you that extra mile.


Family Flair - family caravan
The Family Flair provides the perfect holiday getaway for kids and parents alike. Spacious, comfortable and safety-tested, experience luxury travel like never before.

Make memories with your family today – feel free to give us a call on 03 9357 8118.

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