Family Caravans with Bunks

family caravans with bunks

Caravanning trips with the entire family are an experience that will take you to incredible places and allow you to share countless unforgettable memories. When selecting a caravan for your group of travellers, consider a family caravan with bunks due to the number of benefits discussed below.

How are Family Caravans with Bunks Unique? 

Travelling in a caravan with bunks allows your entire family maximum space without compromising comfort. A caravan fitted with bunks are typically more spacious than traditionally designed caravans, giving you more privacy and room for amenities.

They achieve this through including additional sleeping areas over the cab. Though careful design, family caravans with bunks have more sleeping room and free space! Because of the unique design, there is also more space within the caravan for storage. 

What are the Benefits?


If you are travelling with multiple people, you need more beds and more storage room for luggage and supplies. A family caravan with bunks provides a luxurious solution.


A family caravan with bunks can accommodate up to 8 people. The design of the family caravan with bunks can also include a partition between the sleeping quarters for additional privacy.


With less room taken up by beds, the family caravan with bunks includes more living areas for seating to share meals, family games and stories.


Due to the increased space within a family caravan with bunks, there is greater room for features including kitchen and ensuite amenities.

Our Family Caravans Available With Bunks

A family caravan with bunks is perfect for families or groups who want to explore Australia in a home away from home without compromising on space, privacy or caravan features. Uniquely designed and tested to ensure their practicality and usability, family caravans with bunks will provide you with all you need to have a fantastic trip. All our family friend caravans have been designed with your family in mind.

Check out our range of family caravans for sale including PD Series, Razor XT, Raptor, Aussiemate, Piazza Series and Family Flair.  Our floor plans feature two, three and four bunk models are readily available as a standard build. If you are after something else contact our team for a custom family designed caravan!

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