Fire Safety Tips in your Caravan

Fire Safety Tips for Caravans

There are many scenarios that must be planned for before commencing a caravanning trip. Unfortunately, one of these is prevention and preparation for the event of a fire. A fire can occur in all places including homes, offices, a tent, car or caravan. Having strong fire safety and preparation should be a high priority regardless of your caravan, destination or number of travellers. Follow the tips below and other fire safety methods before and during your next trip to ensure a safe journey.

Before your trip

Before you leave, there are various items that you should purchase, pack and check for fire safety. You should be aware of the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines and examine the relevant products below to ensure they  are in working order.

Gas Equipment

Check each piece of gas equipment on your caravan thoroughly before leaving. Any gas cylinders on your caravan should include valves facing away from the van and be secured externally.

Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket

A fire blanket and extinguisher and very important when travelling in a caravan. Ensure they are placed near an exit and are easily accessible.

Smoke Alarm

Does your caravan have a smoke alarm? Is it currently functional? A smoke alarm should be in your caravan near the sleeping area.

Service your Caravan

Before a trip, ensure your caravan has been inspected and relevant parts repaired or replaced for safety. Mechanical brakes and bearings should be examined.

Emergency Plan

Having an emergency escape plan is important on your next trip. Ensure all travellers are aware of this. It may be helpful to have a practice drill of your plan.

At your destination

Check Local Weather and Fire Restrictions

Check the local fire danger and ratings in the area you are staying in. Being aware of the conditions is vitally important. Do not light camp fires if there is a total fire ban in the area you are staying in.

Distance from other Caravans

Have at least five metres distance from you to the next caravan for safety reasons. Ensure you can exit easily in the event of a fire.

Flammable Materials

Ensure that flammable materials are kept outside of the caravan in a secure location. Keep matches out of reach from children.  

Cooking Safety

Maintain safety when cooking. Do not leave cooking unattended and ensure all appliances and switched off when not being used.

Camp Fire Safety

If you are permitted to light a campfire, only do so in an appropriate area and environment. Ensure the fire is entirely out before leaving the site. Do not place flammable materials near the campfire. Ensure the campfire is a reasonable distance from the caravan.

Fire safety is important when spending time away from home in your caravan. Prevention is the key! By following these simple steps you can prevent fire hazards and ensure you enjoy your holiday!

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