How to Find the Best Caravan Parks in Australia

Best Caravan Parks in Australia

There are thousands of caravans across Australia to choose from, so knowing where to stay can be a confusing decision for your family. By following the steps below, however, you can ensure that you are selecting a park to suit your requirements. Doing some researching and investigating into the potential parks before your trip can save you money, and allow you to see and do more at your chosen destination.

  1. Where do you want to travel?

What parts of Australia do you want to see? The coastline? The outback? The National Parks? Australia’s diverse landscapes mean that you can travel with your caravan to one or all of these destinations. When deciding where to stay, first consider what area you would like to be in and the proximity of the attractions to the Caravan Park.

  1.  You have chosen a destination. Research time.

If you have selected a destination, it is time to look into your potential camping and caravan options. When shortlisting the Caravan Parks, it is important to make note the following details:

  •  Cost
  • Facilities
  • Local shops
  • Pet friendly?
  • Does the campsite allow for cars and caravans?
  • Extra fees?
  • Availability during your chosen time

Compiling a list of the potential places to stay will save a lot of time and money for your family. If you are travelling with children, learn of the facilities at the Caravan Parks and involve your children in the decision-making process.

  1.     Read reviews and ask experienced travellers.

While a Caravan Park can tell you themselves how wonderful they are, nothing speaks louder than reviews from past guests. Learn what they loved and what they thought the Caravan Park needed. If there is something you are unsure of, contact the Caravan Park and ask if they have made recent updates to their facilities.

  1.     Decide and book

You have looked into all of your options and think you have found the perfect Caravan Park. It’s time to book! Especially around peak times like school holidays, long weekends and the Christmas/New Year period, Caravan Parks can be at full capacity. Book ahead of time so you don’t miss out!

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