You’ll Absolutely Love These Incredible Campsites In Australia


Incredible Campsites to visit in Australia

Heading out on an Adventure? Australia is known for its amazing scenery throughout, try some of these incredible campsites on your next trip!

Lake Eyre National Park, SA

This is Australia’s lowest point to camp, with vast amounts of dry salt-crusted lake surface going as far as the eye can see. It sits at 12 m below sea level and 9,500 square km. There are several ways to see it, it can be accessed along Oondatta track and along two 4WD tracks; Halligan Bay Track and Level Post Bay Track.

The Fortress, Grampians National Park, VIC

The fortress is for those more experienced campers. Leave the camper behind at the Harrop Track car park and set out on a 5.2km scenic hike through the Grampians where you will find a campsite under some large rock overhangs, providing enough cover one does not even need a tent. Beyond the campsite, you can wonder ahead, finding yourself directly under the huge sandstone massif known as the fortress.

Mitchell Falls, Mitchell River National Park, WA

This is a hidden spectacle in a very remote part of Western Australia. Getting there takes a lot of time and preparation so make sure you do your research and it will all be worth it. There is definitely a lot more to see around the area itself so more than one night’s stay is recommended.

Cape Tribulation, Daintree National Park, QLD

Stay at the Noah Beach campsite and discover rainforest meet stunning beaches. Go on a range of walks and immerse yourself in the nature Cape Tribulation provides, you may see the local cassowary and more. Remember to be croc safe around here!

Condobolin, NSW

Among the incredible scenery, Australia has more than one outback art instalments. One of them, in particular, is Utes in the Paddock about 70km out from the town of Parkes, West along Condobolin rd. If you are heading out that way we recommend driving past these incredibly Australian works of art on some utes in a field. Spend the night at Gum Bend Lake Condobolin, NSW and end the day with a swim in the lake.

Booderee National Park, NSW

There are two campgrounds here, Green Patch and Bristol Point. Here you will find some of the whitest sand in the world and if you’re lucky, you might see dolphins frolicking around the bay. Further along, there is a campground at Cave Beach sheltered by trees and facing Wreck Bay where a convict shipwreck existed once upon a time.
There are so many incredible campsites to visit throughout Australia. A good trip starts with the right preparation and research so ensure you know what you’re doing or ask one of our friendly employees that do and start your adventure now.
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