Completely off grid, totally self sufficient and packed with enough state of the art features to satisfy even the most tech savvy family, say hello to the van of tomorrow – our new Eco Mate!

A re-imagining of our rugged Aussie Mate, this off grid luxury caravan is a top-of-the-line option for those looking for a comfortable and sustainable way to explore the great outdoors. With its off-grid capabilities, it allows you to camp in remote locations without the need for hookups or generators. Its powerful lithium system is not just for cooking but also heating and climate control. The array of 4 x 300w yield solar panels delivers enough energy to keep the its advanced Enerdrive system topped up in almost any climate, while the low energy consumption appliances enable generous worry free usage of all devices.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a long-term adventure, the Royal Flair Eco Mate is a great choice for a luxurious, sustainable travel experience.

Available in a range of layouts, this van is equipped with a control ride TS tandem X-Gard coated chassis up-gradable to airbag suspension. Also featuring 2 x 95lt fresh water tanks, 1 x 62lt grey water tank all with the stone guard, a 12-volt pressurized water system, 4 x 210 w solar panels for that extra piece of mind while the interior boasts soft touch furnishings, high-quality finishings throughout.




With its sturdy construction and off-grid capabilities, it can handle the rough terrain and remote locations that other caravans simply can’t. Imagine waking up to the peaceful sound of birds and nature, and enjoying a cup of coffee in the caravan’s spacious club lounge whilst taking in the the panoramic views offered by the large double glazed windows. The caravan’s interior is beautifully designed with high-end finishes providing a comfortable and luxurious space to relax before a big day of exploring.

We know that owning a durable vehicle with the latest gadgets and high-quality features is what our customers are looking for, since this helps makes for a stress-free adventure. The Eco Mate comes with the Enerdrive 2600w package with 60a AC Charger, 40a DC2DC Charger, BMS and Simarine DMS with a 2600W Inverter, 2x Enerdrive 30a MPPT Solar Controller EN43530 and 2 x 300ah B-TEC Lithium Batteries

There are also a whopping 4 x 210 Watt Solar Panels resting on 2 patented Electric Slide outs enabling you to draw the absolute maximum power from the sun.

the Eco Mate also has as standard a TB768 X-Guard coated Toolbox with C/plate Gas Bottles & Generator Sliders, 2 Jerrycan Holders & Bike Rack Support.


The interior also sports all the latest appliances including the 12v Cara fan pressurised cabin, programmable mood lighting and a top of the range thetford oven. These new features mean you can treat your significant other to a delicious home cooked meal and stay relaxed in the comfort of a luxurious living space.

Here at Royal Flair, we give you the cue to travel in style with friends and family, and the freedom to go wherever your heart leads you. Together, anything is possible. With a rugged exterior and a soft, luxurious interior, the Eco Mate will make your wildest dreams come true as you tick new adventures off your bucket list. For more information on our Eco Mate you can read the in depth review here

We are proud to have Royal Flair dealerships throughout Australia, in Epping (VIC), Bennetts Green (NSW), Yatala and Townsville, (QLD) Rockingham (WA), Clarence Gardens (SA), Tasmania and New Zealand.

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