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Royal Flair is proudly RVMAP (Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Accreditation Program) Accredited, meaning their caravans are designed and built to the highest standard. RVMAP Accreditation is only awarded to businesses who entirely abide by all guidelines set out by the peak national body of the Caravan Industry in Australia. When looking for your first or next caravan, ensure it has a RVMAP Accreditation Badge.

Who can be RVMAP Accredited?

Businesses with RVMAP accreditation have attained this status due to their total compliance to all standards and rules. Governed by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, RVMAP Accredited Businesses and RVMAP Badged Caravans have been granted their title due to representing a premium product in regard to safety compliance, fair price and high standard.

As part of being a RVMAP Accredited Business regular reviews are conducted to ensure the company maintains a high standard and is compliant. The business has access to the latest industry guidelines, technical support and shows a strong level of commitment to providing an exceptional product to their customers

Why is Accreditation Important?

As a buyer of a caravan, you want to ensure that you are purchasing a high quality, reasonably priced and safe product that you and your family can rely on for years of travelling. Choosing an RVMAP Accredited Caravan business means there are additional securities and guarantees you will receive. These include:

  • An RVMAP badge shows a level of dedication from the manufacturer to abide by all standards outlined by the peak caravan body in Australia.
  • RVMAP Accredited Businesses are up to date with industry standards.
  • They abide by a Code of Ethics which includes to maintain fair pricing on products.
  • They agree to fulfil warranties, and aim to resolve all reasonable claims.

Royal Flair Caravans – RVMAP Accredited Manufacturers

Royal Flair Caravans is an award winning manufacturer renowned for a strong commitment to quality, providing diverse styles of caravans since 1975. Our team at Royal Flair Caravans are proud to be fully accredited as a national RVMAP manufacturer.

We proudly have authorised Royal Flair dealer locations throughout Australia in BallaratCampbellfieldSouth LismoreSouth NowraBennetts GreenYatalaMackayBusseltonClarence GardensProspect Vale and Levin in New Zealand.

Browse our diverse range of off road caravansfamily caravansadventure caravansluxurious caravans online.

For all your caravan needs visit a Royal Flair dealer near you or contact us on (03) 9357 8118.

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