Tackling the Australian outback in your caravan

Off Road Caravans Perfect For The Australian Outback

By day, there’s the red of the scorching dust that disappears into the distance for as far as the eye can see. There’s the endless blue of the sky, shimmering in the heat of the sun and the golden grass, waving in the wind, defying the desert that surrounds it.

By night, there’s the dancing yellows of the camp fire, swaying to the rhythm of the stories whispered around it. And a spotted sky, full of stars—finally out of hiding and ready to show their beauty to all who look up.

And alongside nature’s palette, there’s the colours you bring. The glow of your skin. The flush of your emotions as you celebrate the glory of the country around you. And the shade of the sheets as you settle in for sleep in the comfort of your Royal Flair off-road caravan, basking in the serenity of the outback and salivating over what tomorrow will bring.

The remote locations, extreme temperatures and wild terrains of the Australian outback require an off-road caravan that can provide you with the comforts of home while retaining an authentic outdoors experience.

Royal Flair’s latest range of off-road caravans are perfect for trailblazers who like to play dirty:


aussiemate 4x4 - off road caravan
The Aussie Mate 4×4 is the off roader for those who don’t like to be restricted by time or season.


aussiemate -off road caravan
Part of our off roader series of caravans, field tested in some of the most hostile environments Australia has to offer.


Raptor off road caravan
The Raptor is our newest caravan specifically designed and engineered for an adventure holiday in the tough outdoors.


razor xt off road caravan
Aimed at buyers that are looking for a smaller sized off-road caravan, the Razor XT will make sure you and your loved ones capture moments of magic on the wide, open road.

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