The Best Luxury Australian Caravans

Australian Luxury Caravans

Looking for a luxury caravan to explore Australia in style? Royal Flair’s extensive, Australian-made range of caravans are perfect for your next adventure. Go farther than before in a caravan equipped with the comforts and luxuries of home or hotel living and invest in the best for you and your family. 

Royal Flair’s luxury designs include the Van Royce, Designer Series, PD Series and Piazza Series. Each caravan manufactured by Royal Flair is crafted with elements of comfort, functionality, and design. 

Piazza Series

The unique Piazza Series redefines caravan outdoor living by incorporating enclosed living space over the caravan’s draw bar. The additional 4.5 square metres of space adds a touch of luxury. Enjoy a glass of wine outside without the mosquitos, or get some fresh air while being protected from the harsh sun. Packed with hand-picked, sophisticated features and with a range of versatile floor plans to select from, the Piazza is a spacious home away from home.

PD Series

The PD Series is a sophisticated, carefully crafted living space that has no compromises on comfort or quality. Specially selected appliances, LED lighting throughout, double glazed windows and stylish standard components make the PD Series a refined and stylish caravan designed for owners to travel in style.

Van Royce

The Van Royce Series by Royal Flair has been hand-crafted by some of the world’s leading designers, boasting functionality, luxury and style. One of the most spectacular features in the Van Royce Collection is the kitchen which includes a stovetop, SMEV oven, acrylic splashbacks, and a top-spec fridge.

Designer Series

Royal Flair’s Designer Series has taken components of safety and durability and combined them with luxury qualities most people would expect from a boutique apartment or hotel. This quality caravan is packed with features and mod-cons to ensure you travel in style, including top of the range entertainment unit, bathroom and kitchen fittings, an Ibis 3 air conditioner and more.  

For all your caravan needs visit a Royal Flair dealer near you or contact us on (03) 9357 8118.

Australian Luxury Caravans



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