The Caravan Holiday Checklist

The Caravan Holiday Checklist

Before a caravan holiday, there are a number of things you should check over to ensure your trip runs smoothly. Particularly if you are new to caravanning, or haven’t been on a trip recently, use this maintenance checklist and prepare the best you can.

Maintaining the Inside of your Caravan

Testing aspects of your caravan before a holiday can save time, money and disappointment when you realise you something is faulty on your trip. Test the following items inside your caravan before you embark.

  • Test the doors and windows on your van
  • Connect electricity and ensure your lights, power points and appliances work
  • Sterilise your tanks
  • Test your gas, fire extinguisher and smoke detectors
  • Check the functionality of your toilet including seals

We also recommend that you clean the following parts of the caravan before your trip:

  • Complete a general wash of the exterior
  • Check the entire van for mould
  • Air out your caravan including mattresses and seating
  • Sanitise the van including the kitchen and bathroom
  • Maintenance to the Caravan’s Exterior

Your caravan includes many features for your convenience and safety and it is important to maintain these before a trip. We recommend that you check the following:

  • Peeling paint or rust on the outside of your van
  • Test your generator
  • Check the batteries
  • Get the brakes tested professionally
  • Ensure your tyres are the correct pressure and in good condition

While the maintenance features above are specific to your safety on the road, the next checklist is related to items that will provide comfort to you and your family.

Each trip and destination requires varying tools or items, and the following is a guide for items you may need.

  • Chairs (folding chairs pack well)
  • Bin and bin liners
  • Large bags for wet items or dirty clothes
  • Mini vacuum and cleaning items
  • Toaster
  • Kettle
  • Umbrella
  • Sun protection
  • Spare batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Soap for the bathroom and kitchen
  • Torch
  • Spare tyre

There are a range of items and tools that may be helpful on your caravanning trip. Ensure maintenance on your caravan is up to date before your trip for safety, and to avoid problems during your time away.

Before you head away this summer and festive season in your luxurious Royal Flair caravan don’t forget our checklist. Get the whole family involved and remember stay safe!

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