Tips for buying a caravan


Buying a caravan is an investment that will provide you and your family with years of enjoyment. Before you purchase a van, however, there are factors that must be considered to ensure your van suits your purpose, your travellers and your destinations. Check out Royal Flair’s tips for buying a new caravan:

Can Your Vehicle Tow Your New Caravan?

For safety and practicality, it is important that the car you intend to travel with has the capacity to tow the weight of your caravan. It is vital that you are aware of the Gross Combination Mass (GMC) of your vehicle as this specifies it’s towing capacity and may influence the range of caravans you can purchase.

Find out the GMC of your model of car to ensure that you are keeping your family and other drivers on the road safe.

Does the caravan suit your purpose?

There are thousands of caravans that will be presented to you on your search for the perfect one. While they all have different features, it is important that you consider the following questions to ensure the van you purchase suits your specific needs.

  1.   How many people are you travelling with?

Caravans come in a range of shapes and sizes with some suited for couples, and some for larger groups or families. While you may be limited by your towing capacity, having a caravan that is too small for your fellow travellers is likely to reduce the quality of your trip.

While you may think that a larger caravan is best, it is important to remember that many activities take place outside of and around the caravan.

  1.   What specific features do you need?

There are many features and trends available in caravans, however only choosing features that suit you may save you money and allow greater space to customise your van.

Working appliances should certainly be included for convenience and practicality, however features such as bike racks, washing machines, bunk beds or wifi may be additions that only certain caravan owners desire.

Should you purchase a new or used caravan?

Your budget, towing capacity and feature requirements are all vital considerations when choosing a caravan. At Royal Flair we have a range of caravans to suit everyone – from our off-road caravans, family caravans, adventure caravans and luxurious caravans.

Royal Flair’s latest range of caravans gives you the freedom to go farther than ever before. Field-tested in some of the most hostile environments Australia has to offer, you’ll never be restricted by time or season.

Don’t settle for average! Call us today on 03 9357 8118.

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